Thursday, 23 June 2016

OOTD: A Slinky Summer Maxi Dress





Dress: Superdry c/o House of Fraser. Heels: Primark. Necklace: eBay

Can short girls wear maxi dresses? If you type this into Google, there are 2.21 million results. Some of the headlines include "16 Trends Short Girls Should Avoid" and "Short Girl Fashion Rules" so it's clearly a topic which short girls have asked many times before.

Well, what a load of old rubbish - wear what you want as long as it makes you feel good. And I feel great in this beautiful maxi dress from House of Fraser* Superdry isn't a brand that I would ever normally look at but this stunning slinky dress jumped out at me when I browsed the maxi dresses on the House of Fraser website.

Which reminds me - did I mention I'm going on my first 'travel blogger' holiday in two weeks? Jet 2 Holidays and BH Mallorca are sending me away to Magaluf for a week and I absolutely cannot wait. I am in serious need of a week of sunshine and cocktails - and lots of Instagram holiday spam!

This maxi dress has gone straight in my suitcase as it's the perfect holiday dress for trips to the beach and dressed up for evenings. The cotton material is super comfortable but the strapless back makes it a little more dress, meaning it's versatile enough for me to even wear it to a wedding this weekend.

I also couldn't resist wearing my Time Turner necklace - my new Harry Potter themed jewellery to add to my geeky jewellery collection. My brother bought me it as thanks for helping with his dissertation - I feel like Hermione whilst wearing it! Finally, I popped on some gorgeous tan coloured lace up heels from Primark and let the dress take centre stage surrounded by the beautiful flowers of Hyde Park.

Are you a maxi dress wearer? What do you think of this outfit?

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

4 Tips for That Work Life Balance

That work-life balance; do you have one? For me, I often remain in the office later than I should, work through my lunch break and check my work Facebook pages at the weekends. But am I complaining? No way. I love my job and I am willing to work as hard as I can to make the most of my career. 

In fact, my job is something I'm going to start talking about a little more on this blog - keep an eye out for my post with my tips on how to use your blog to get into marketing! However when Calibre Furniture asked me about my work-life balance, I had to admit that I do sometimes struggle to separate the two and so I wanted to put together some tips for you and myself!

Switch Off Your Work Phone
Switching off my work phone is a big one for me; I can't help checking my notifications and emails when I'm out of the office. The easiest way to stop this is to put your phone away or even switch it off over the weekend - and leave the house without it so you can't be tempted to check those emails!

Make Time for Exercise
I've said it before and I will say it again; exercise for me is just so important. Despite the fact I work for a chain of leisure centres, going to the gym is still a break from work. Getting my trainers on and heading to the gym for a tough workout allows me to de-stress from the day and spend some time focusing just on myself and my health.

Get Offline
The problem with blogging as a hobby is that it's practically a full-time job in itself. Sometimes coming home and blogging isn't the break from work I need - it's simply a new set of deadlines, emails and tasks to complete. I have to make sure I get outside and away from the screen, otherwise I would go crazy!

There's More to Life than Work
Finally, don't forget there's more to life than work. As much as I enjoy my job, I don't want it to be the only thing in my life and having a hobby (like this blog) is vital to keep me busy in lots of different ways.  Plus it gives you something interesting to say to that dreaded "so what did you do at the weekend?" on a Monday morning!

Do you have a good work-life balance? How do you switch off from work?

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Monday, 6 June 2016

5 Beauty Tips for Glasses Wearers




I feel like I'm becoming an old lady because as time goes by, I am relying more and more on my reading glasses. I never used to wear them at all but now I find myself reaching for them whilst at work - staring at a screen all day means my glasses are a must! As a result, my make-up look has evolved to work with my frames and I wanted to put together some tips for those of you who wear glasses and contact lenses in the UK, using some of my favourite products.

1. Don't Forget to Curl
I always make sure I curl my lashes if I'm going to be wearing my glasses. My lashes are short and straight, so curling them is a must to open up my eyes and curl my eyelashes eyes away from my lenses. By their very nature, glasses draw attention to your eyes so I find it so important to make them look as awake as possible.

2. Line up
Eyeliner is another must when wearing glasses and contact lenses. I prefer a brown shade at the moment and I am obsessed with my Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl eyeliner, accompanied by lashings of her Full Fat Lashes mascara. Both give me sexy and glamorous eyes with minimum effort, which look great behind my thick retro frames.

3. Cream is Queen
I tend to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to eyeshadow anyway and I always keep my eyeshadow neutral when I'm wearing my glasses. I also stick to cream eyeshadows so I don't need to worry about fall out - especially if you are a contact lenses wearer! My current favourite is this Rimmel shadow stick, which is perfect for scribbling on my eyelids in the morning when I'm too sleepy and lazy to bother with a palette!

4. Frame your frames
You may be wearing frames, but don't forget to frame them - using your brows. Brows are so important when wearing glasses and I have recently been using the Brow Wow pencil from Barry M. It was a bargain at just £3.99, has a spoolie and it is the perfect shade to define my brows.

5. Go Bold
When I'm wearing my retro glasses, I love my makeup to reflect the vintage look of my frames, so I can't resist pairing my neutral eyes with a bold lip. It draws attention away from your glasses if you aren't so confident about wearing frames and I always feel so much more put together if I am wearing a nice lipstick. I am completely obsessed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, in particular the deep red Monte Carlo, and I have recently discovered they are stocked on Asos - which means soon I will probably have every shade!

How do you adapt your make-up routine when you are wearing glasses? I'd love to hear your tips!

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